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fix bandcamp mp3s downloader

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Danya Samukhin authored and l29ah committed Feb 24, 2019
1 parent b73c627 commit 44e02f616eaa854bc2d2296da8cffbeb2febf2c2
Showing with 14 additions and 10 deletions.
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@@ -1,18 +1,22 @@
trap 'rm "$f"' EXIT
curl -s "$1" > "$f"
artist="`sed -ne 's#.*artist : "\([^"]*\).*#\1#p' "$f"`"
album="`sed -ne 's#.*album_title : "\([^"]*\).*#\1#p' "$f"`"
d="$artist - $album"
artist="$(sed -ne 's%.*artist: "\([^"]\+\)".*%\1%p' "$f" | head -n 1)"
album="$(sed -ne 's%.*album_title: "\([^"]\+\)".*%\1%p' "$f")"

d="${artist} - ${album}"
mkdir -p "$d"
cd "$d"

export IFS='
for c in `tr '}' '\n' < "$f" | sed -ne 's#\\\/#/#g;s#.*"track_num":\([^,]*\),.*"title":"\([^"]*\)".*"file":{"[^"]*":"\(ht[^"]*\)".*#\1 \2 \3#p'`; do
IFS=' ' read track_num title url <<< "$c"
IFS=' '
fn="`printf '%.2d' "$track_num"` $title.mp3"
wget -c "$url" -O "$fn"
mid3v2 -a "$artist" -A "$album" -t "$title" -T "$track_num" "$fn"
for track in $(cat "$f" | grep 'trackinfo: ' | sed 's%trackinfo: %%g;s%}\],$%}\]%g' | jq -r '. | map([.["track_num"], .["title"], .["file"]["mp3-128"]] | join("𝕊")) | join("\n")'); do
IFS='𝕊' read track_num title url <<< "${track}"
mp3fn="$(printf '%.2d' "${track_num}") ${title}.mp3"
echo "${mp3fn}"
wget -c "${url}" -O "${mp3fn}"
id3v2 -a "${artist}" -A "${album}" -t "${title}" -T "${track_num}" "${mp3fn}"

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