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This set of scripts enables you to shorten URLs using Readability service,
rdd.me. But It not only shortens the URL, though, it also provides reading
interface that presents the page in an uncluttered way (no bars, no columns, no
nothing - content only).

The service also allows you to download ePub version of the cleaned page. The
script won't download the file for you, though. You should pass the URL to the
external program (e.g. wget) that would do it for you.

The script is hosted by w3crapcli project [1]

    1. https://github.com/l29ah/w3crapcli

All the code is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. See LICENSE for more

How to Install

All you need to do is place the script in one of the directories mentioned in
your PATH environment variable. You can either create separate directory for
scripts like that and add it to your PATH, or just copy scripts someplace that
is already in your PATH.

Make sure all dependencies are available.


* Perl 5.10 or above, placed or symlinked at /usr/bin/perl
* Perl libraries:
  - Getopt::Long
  - HTTP::Lite
  - JSON


Simply call rdd.me.pl with a URL to shorten:

$ rdd.me.pl 'http://perldoc.perl.org/functions/say.html'

(we use quotes to prevent the shell from messing with the URL). The script
should promptly return shortened URL.

If you want a URL of the ePub to download, pass --epub parameter:

$ rdd.me.pl --epub 'http://perldoc.perl.org/functions/say.html'

You should probably pipe the result into wget or something so the file is
downloaded right away. Note that as of this writing (August 2013) ePub
filenames are rather cryptic (they start with rdb and contain numerical ID of
some kind), so you should probably change the output filename, too. Note also
the fact that the service needs some time to prepare the ePub, so you should
retry downloading the file until you're sure it returned ePub document and not
HTML one. While doing so, please show some love to the service - use delays.


The script is written by Alexander Batischev. You can contact me via email:
eual dot jp at gmail dot com.