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This set of scripts is intended to help you fetch manga from readmanga.ru. It
downloads specified chapters of a given manga title and stores it in a
fine-structured way.

Scripts are hosted by w3crapcli project [1]

    1. http://w3crapcli.blasux.ru

All the code is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. See LICENSE for more

How to Install

All you need to do is place scripts in some directory mentioned in your PATH
environment variable. You can either create separate directory for scripts like
that and add it to your PATH, or you can copy scripts somewhere. Choose
whichever way you like.


You can either download whole manga or a single chapter.

To fetch whole title, simply call readmangaget:

$ readmangaget berserk

To fetch specific chapter, use readmangachapters script first, e.g. for
"Berserk" it would be:

$ readmangachapters berserk

That would list all avaliable chapters with respective URLs. Choose one and
specify as a parameter to readmangaget, e.g. for first chapter of first volume
of "Berserk":

$ readmangaget 'http://readmanga.ru/berserk/vol1/1?mature=1'

By the way, if title consist of few words, there's no need to escape them when
calling scripts - you can use them like that:

$ readmangaget air gear
$ readmangachapters death note

There's two additional scripts called readmangasearch and readmangainfo. Former
allows you to simply search site for a manga of your desire - just specify the
title and you'll get URLs of possible candidates:

$ readmangasearch naruto

Second script allows you to view some information (like author, number of
volumes, translation status and description) about specified title:

$ readmangainfo grenadier


POSIX compatible shell (BASH, dash etc). /bin/sh should be it or symlink to it
urlencode, htmldecode (both can be found at w3crapcli under the utils directory)

All the scripts depends on readmangasearch so they can search for title if user
didn't specify URL.


This scripts are written by Alexander Batischev. You may contact me via email:
eual.jp at gmail dot com.