@l33tmeatwad l33tmeatwad released this Jun 1, 2017

Assets 3


  • Added option for computers that have more than one monitor to be able to auto fullscreen the information screen page.
  • Added the ability to fade the MPC-HC playback screen to black (according to the settings tab drop down box).
  • Changed the Web Controls button to load the page in a popup instead of starting the web browser.
  • Cleaned up the code for the website related content.
  • Updated MPC-HC controls tab layout and removed DVD controls.

NOTE: To avoid refresh issues with the information screen, adjust the "Internet Options" through Internet Explorer. Under Browsing history in the General Tab click Settings and check to make sure "Check for newer versions of stores pages:" is set to "Automatically". If you get any 404 errors, clear your Internet Explorer browser history then make sure "Enable Custom Site" is selected in AMV Theater Assistant and apply the settings to MPC-HC before trying again.