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The overall goal of our project is to create an image stack viewer within a web-application using javascript that can be launched by the COSMIC2 gateway aplication and should be capable of displaying a stack of 500-5000 images, one at a time using HTML5 & JQuery. Users should be able to navigate forward and backward in the image stack via keyboard commands. The application should also allow users to add points to an image via mouse clicks and be able to delete these points. The users should have the ability to reject an image and display the images in movie mode with all of the points they created. The points created by the user should be saved for all images and the user should be able to return a list of images’ points and rejected images to the server when users click on the “Submit” button. An additional feature of the web application will be the ability to zoom and pan each image.

The purpose of this application is that it allows scientists to observe a specific section of an image that is created by a microscope by giving them the ability to mark certain spots for which they believe could determine a certain kind of structure they are looking for.


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