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PHP Travis Client

It is simple PHP implementation of client using travisci api.

Build Status


Download repository then download composer using wget -nc

So install command will look like php composer.phar install


Just look at tests :P . Basic example:


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$client = new Travis\Client();

$repository = $client->fetchRepository('l3l0/OpenSocialBundle');

echo $repository->getId() . "\n";
echo $repository->getSlug() . "\n";
echo $repository->getLastBuild()->getId() . "\n";
echo $repository->getBuilds()->findOneBy(array('number' => 2))->getId() . "\n";

echo 'Builds:' . "\n";
foreach ($repository->getBuilds() as $build) {
    echo "\t" . $build->getId() . "\n";
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