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#!/usr/bin/env bash
"exec" "plk" "-Sdeps" "{:deps {cli-matic {:mvn/version \"0.3.2\"}}}" "-Ksf" "$0" "$@"
(ns toycalc
(:require [cli-matic.core :refer [run-cmd]]
[cljs.pprint :refer [cl-format]]))
;; To run this, try from the project root:
;; ./toycalc.cljs add -a 1 -b 80
(defn to_base
"Converts a number to a given base"
[num base]
(let [fmt (str "~" base "r")]
(cl-format nil fmt num)))
(defn add_numbers
"Sums A and B together, and prints it in base `base`"
[{:keys [a1 a2 base]}]
(to_base (+ a1 a2) base)))
(defn subtract_numbers
"Subtracts B from A, and prints it in base `base` "
[{:keys [pa pb base]}]
(to_base (- pa pb) base)))
{:app {:command "toycalc"
:description "A command-line toy calculator"
:version "0.0.1"}
:global-opts [{:option "base"
:as "The number base for output"
:type :int
:default 10}]
:commands [{:command "add" :short "a"
:description ["Adds two numbers together"
"Looks great, doesn't it?"]
:opts [{:option "a1" :short "a" :env "AA" :as "First addendum" :type :int :default 0}
{:option "a2" :short "b" :as "Second addendum" :type :int :default 0}]
:runs add_numbers}
{:command "sub" :short "s"
:description "Subtracts parameter B from A"
:opts [{:option "pa" :short "a" :as "Parameter A" :type :int :default 0}
{:option "pb" :short "b" :as "Parameter B" :type :int :default 0}]
:runs subtract_numbers}]})
(defn -main
"This is our entry point.
Just pass parameters and configuration.
Commands (functions) will be invoked as appropriate."
[& args]
(run-cmd args CONFIGURATION))
(set! *main-cli-fn* -main)