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# Doctrine2 behavioral extensions
-**Version 2.3.1-DEV**
+**Version 2.3.1**
[![Build Status](](
-**Note:** tag **2.2.1** was removed, because it was published with backward incompatible changes by
-mistake. If you have used **2.2.1** tag as a dependency version, please switch to **2.3.0** it is
-a direct replacement of the removed tag.
-**Note:** Use 2.1.x or 2.2.x tag in order to use extensions based on Doctrine2.x.x component versions. Currently
-master branch is based on 2.3.x versions and may not work with older components.
+**Note:** recently doctrine orm and odm were updated to use common doctrine mapping persistense
+layer. The support for it has been made and tagged with **2.3.1** version tag. It will be compatible
+with latest version of doctrine mapping at master branches
### Latest updates
+- **Mapping** drivers were updated to support latest doctrine versions.
- **Sluggable** now allows to regenerate slug if its set to empty or null. Also it allows to

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