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Uwe Dannowski
June 7 2000

1. Getting Started

 After obtaining the source tree (from CVS or as a tarball), go to the kernel
directory and type make:

  src/l4-ka > cd kernel
  src/l4-ka/kernel > make

 This should automatically invoke the XConfig tool to configure the kernel.
The settings default to build an x86-X0-debug kernel. After finishing the
configuration, click "Save and Exit" in XConfig. Then the kernel is built.
 As a result of the build process, there should be a kernel image file
x86-kernel (or whatever architecture you chose). That's all - copy the kernel
image to your boot medium.

The build process for the applications is quite similar - go to the apps
 directory and type make there:

  src/l4-ka > cd apps
  src/l4-ka/apps > make

 The XConfig tool for the applications is invoked. Make your selections with
respect to the kernel settings (kernel version) and select the applications
you want to build. When you're done with the configuration, click "Save and
Exit" and the build process starts.
 For now, the resulting binaries will reside in the respective subdirectories.
Copy them to your boot medium and have fun.

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