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Bug at bswap64. #9

luckboy opened this Issue Mar 9, 2014 · 3 comments

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luckboy commented Mar 9, 2014

The bswap64 function has the argument with incorrect type at kernel/src/arch/x86/x64/byteorder.h. This argument should have the u64_t type instead of the u32_t type.

L4Ka development repositories member
jkehne commented Mar 10, 2014

It looks like byteorder.h is not included anywhere. Do you need those functions for anything in particular? If not, I'll just remove the file.

luckboy commented Mar 12, 2014

I just browsed this code. You don't have to remove this file. You can change type of argument of bswap64 (change u32_t to u64_t).

L4Ka development repositories member
jkehne commented Mar 12, 2014

I realize I can change the argument of bswap64 to fix the bug you reported. But if that function is not used anywhere, there is no point in dragging along dead code.

@jkehne jkehne added a commit that closed this issue Mar 12, 2014
@jkehne jkehne Remove dead code (closes #9) 8be66aa
@jkehne jkehne closed this in 8be66aa Mar 12, 2014
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