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Are you a follower or a leader? Do you have what it takes to guide the flock to llama-glama-nirvana?

Game Play

A heard of Llama walk through a 2D landscape fraught with danger projected on a shared screen. Players connect on their phone via a public web addresss and see one of the Llama on their phone screen along with a set of commands ("dig" or "block" for example) to give to the Llama. You only have a limited supply of each command and when you give a command you instantly switch to another random Llama. Players have to work together to get the flock home.

TL;DR Like multiplayer Lemmings where you can only control one at a time and with Llama.



- Game server
- World simulator
- Main screen world visualiser
- Phone screen controller
- Network protocol

The world simulator runs the game simulation and should be able to run within the browser or node. It should also be deterministic and capable of importing and exporting state easily.

The Game Server runs the authoritative version of the World Simulator and maybe also serves the HTML and JS for the Main Screen and Phone Screen Controllers.

The main screen world visualiser displays the world with the Llama moving within it. It gets its state from the world simulator.

The phone screen controller is just capable of showing a single Llama and some controlers. It communicates with the Game Server to update its version of the World Simulator.