Erlang implementation for parsing and generating Facebook Signed Requests
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Facebook Signed Request

This is a small library to parse, validate and generate signed requests from / for facebook. It depends on erlsha2 and etest for testing.

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% Parsing a signed request from Facebook
% Input can be list or bitstring
% Payload data will be returned as bitstring
Req = "Z9Xn16Pdo5ac9YWDh5HD70aujhsZ9eCoyPMcpd2aaiM.eyJhbGdvcml0aG0iOiJITUFDLVN"

{ok, Data} = fb_signed_request:parse(Req, FacebookAppSecret).

% If the request is invalid the following return values are expected:
{error, invalid_format}
{error, invalid_signature}
{error, invalid_payload}
{error, unsupported_algorithm}

% Generate a signed request (useful for testing)
Json = <<"{\"algorithm\":\"HMAC-SHA256\",\"expires\":1308988800,"

SignedRequest = fb_signed_request:generate(Json, FacebookAppSecret).

% If you want generate to return a bitstring you can call:
fb_signed_request:generate(Json, FacebookAppSecret, [{return,binary}]).


Add the following line to your rebar.config

{fb_signed_request, ".*", {git, "git://"}}