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Irssi Log Viewer
If you run your irssi on a server and perhaps you like to read the chat logs in the browser without connecting to the shell.
This program is designed for that and runs on a php enabled web server.
== Installation
Just copy all files to your web directory. Afterwards set the path to your irssi log files (default /home/user/irclogs) in config.php.
Maybe you have to customize the configuration of irssi because of file permissions (see below).
== Irssi Customizing
This script needs read permissions on files/folders of irssi log directory. Mostly the web user and irssi user isn't the same.
Then you should add the following line:
settings = {
core = {
log_create_mode = "644"; #sets file permission of log files to rw-r--r--
"fe-common/core" = { autolog = "yes"; }; #enables auto logging