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Commits on May 12, 2011
  1. @nicksieger

    Merge pull request #35 from stepheneb/fix-ant-install-dev-gem

    nicksieger authored
    [JRUBY-5791] ant uses JRuby's gem home
  2. @stepheneb

    [JRUBY-5791] ant uses JRuby's gem home

    stepheneb authored
    RVM defines GEM_HOME and JRuby installs it's development
    gems in the wrong place. 
    The install-dev-gems ant task now proactively defines
    GEM_HOME to reference JRuby's gem home for 1.8 gems.
    Having GEM_HOME reference another Ruby is still a problem for 
    JRuby, this patch just fixes the ant task.
  3. @headius
  4. @subbuss
  5. @headius

    Allow call with IRubyObject[] to IRubyObject[]-receiving native targe…

    headius authored
    …t to bind straight through.
Commits on May 11, 2011
  1. @nahi

    Merge branch 'require_protection'

    nahi authored
  2. @headius
  3. @headius
  4. @headius

    Refactor native handle binding in indy logic.

    headius authored
    * Methods that take block are bound now (still no call sites that pass block though)
    * Simpler logic for permuting incoming arguments into place
    * Easier path to getting other target forms binding (only forms that take ThreadContext bind now)
  5. @subbuss
  6. @subbuss
  7. @subbuss
  8. @subbuss
  9. @enebo
  10. @enebo
  11. @nahi

    Merge branch 'MersenneTwister'

    nahi authored
  12. @nahi

    JRUBY-5776: SecureRandom.random_number(Bignum) raise a RangeError

    nahi authored
    JRuby uses the patched version of securerandom.rb for both 1.8 and 1.9
    which utilizes Using nextInt causes this
    RangeError for bit number so introduce CRuby's byte operation
  13. @nahi
  14. @nahi

    JRUBY-3343: threaded require serialization reimplemented

    nahi authored
    A second thread requiring a file currently being required should block
    and wait for that require to complete. My fix for JRUBY-5779 changed the
    locking mechanism so I added a regression spec and fixed it.
  15. @nahi

    Refactoring: change variable name

    nahi authored
    requireName -> searchName.
Commits on May 10, 2011
  1. @headius

    Start cleaning up handle generation for native dispatch, add beginnin…

    headius authored
    …gs of pre/post wrappers for native.
  2. @nahi

    Refactoring: change variable name

    nahi authored
    requireName -> searchName.
  3. @nahi

    Fix threading issue of require.

    nahi authored
    The logic for circular require detection wrongly releases a lock when 3
    or more files are running. Do not release a lock in requireLocks when
    circular require is detected.
  4. @nahi

    Avoid circular require.

    nahi authored
  5. @nahi

    Cosmetic fix for backtrace at circular require.

    nahi authored
     - A String returned by TraceType#printBackTrace() includes the last "\n".
     - warn circular require only in 1.9 mode.
  6. @nahi

    JRUBY-5779: $LOADED_FEATURES is updated before loading finished

    nahi authored
    Call addLoadedFeature(feature) after the feature is loaded. Existing
    add-first logic worked for avoiding circular require so I added new
    circular require detection logic at LoadService#require().
    At this moment, this change causes lots of constant redifinition
    warnings for rubygems under 1.9 mode. Plus, builtin/javasupport looks to
    have circular require in it.
Commits on May 9, 2011
  1. @nahi

    Make LoadService#smartLoad() @Deprecated.

    nahi authored
    smartLoad() doesn't take a lock for required file. To avoid threading +
    require issue, marked it @Deprecated.
  2. @nahi

    Avoid require threading issue.

    nahi authored
    Some ext libs (jruby-openssl, jruby-rack, etc.) are using
    LoadService#require() but it doesn't take a lock for the lib. Let
    LoadService#require() replace with LoadService#lockAndRequire().
  3. @nahi

    Update asm classpath entries for Eclipse.

    nahi authored
    4.0_RC1 jars.
  4. @BanzaiMan
  5. @BanzaiMan
  6. @headius
Commits on May 8, 2011
  1. @headius
Commits on May 7, 2011
  1. Fix JRUBY-5780 - set all FFI initialize methods to be private visibil…

    Wayne Meissner authored
    …ity. Pointed out and initial patch by Chung Shin Yee <>
Commits on May 6, 2011
  1. @nicksieger

    Merge pull request #34 from bigfix/require_performance

    nicksieger authored
    Improve require performance.
    See JRUBY-5320.
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