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Version 1.1.0
Fixed the script loading to use UTF-8 encoding (Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
Added check for system proxy setting (Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
Fixed building with Cygwin and Qt 4.5 (John Dalton).
Added a new example: driver for QUnit tests (Łukasz Korecki).
Fixed issue #20: problem with JPG transparent color (Alessandro Portale).
Fixed issue #9: ignore first line starting with #! (Matthias, aka fourplusone).
Fixed issue #7: support for file upload for form submission (Matthias, aka fourplusone).
Fixed issue #35: support for disabling images loading (Ariya Hidayat).
Fixed issue #14: enable or disable plugins (Ariya Hidayat).
Added a new example: using Canvas to produce the color wheel (Ariya Hidayat).
Added support for rasterizing as GIF image (Ariya Hidayat).
Added support for CoffeeScript (Ariya Hidayat).
Fixed issue #19: option for setting the proxy (Clint Berry, Ariya Hidayat).
Fixed issue #60: Win32 and OS/2 icon files (Salvador Parra Camacho).
2011-01-17: Version 1.0.0
Initial launch.
The API is centralized at the 'phantom' object (as child of
window object) which has the properties: args, content,
loadStatus, state, userAgent, version, viewportSize, and
the following functions: exit, open, render, sleep.
Several examples are included, among others: web page rasterizer,
weather service, headless test framework driver, and many others.
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