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#ifndef __GL_MODEL_WIDGET_H__
#define __GL_MODEL_WIDGET_H__
#include <vector>
#include <QGLWidget>
#include <QSettings>
#include "Tools.h"
#include "Global.h"
#include "GLCamera.h"
#include "UndoManager.h"
#include "VoxelGridGroup.h"
#include <ImathBox.h>
#include <ImathVec.h>
#include <ImathColor.h>
class GLModelWidget : public QGLWidget
enum CubeFaceMask { FACE_POSY = 0x01, FACE_NEGY = 0x02,
FACE_POSX = 0x04, FACE_NEGX = 0x08,
FACE_POSZ = 0x10, FACE_NEGZ = 0x20,
FACE_NONE = 0x00, FACE_ALL = 0x3f };
GLModelWidget(QWidget* parent, QSettings* appSettings, UndoManager *undoManager, VoxelGridGroupPtr sprite);
QSize minimumSizeHint() const;
QSize sizeHint() const;
VoxelGridGroupPtr getSprite() const { return m_gvg; }
void saveSettings();
void frame(bool fullExtents);
void handleArrows(QKeyEvent *event);
void resizeAndClearVoxelGrid(const Imath::V3i& size);
void resizeAndShiftVoxelGrid(const Imath::V3i& size, const Imath::V3i& shift);
void reresVoxelGrid(const float scale);
void shiftVoxels(const SproxelAxis axis, const bool up, const bool wrap);
void mirrorVoxels(const SproxelAxis axis);
void rotateVoxels(const SproxelAxis axis, const int dir);
void setVoxelColor(const Imath::V3i& index, const Imath::Color4f color, int ind);
// Accessors
const Imath::V3i& activeVoxel() const { return m_activeVoxel; }
const Imath::Color4f& activeColor() const { return m_activeColor; }
int activeIndex() const { return m_activeIndex; }
bool drawGrid() const { return m_drawGrid; }
bool drawVoxelGrid() const { return m_drawVoxelGrid; }
bool drawBoundingBox() const { return m_drawBoundingBox; }
bool drawSpriteBounds() const { return m_drawSpriteBounds; }
bool shiftWrap() const { return m_shiftWrap; }
SproxelAxis currentAxis() const { return m_currAxis; }
void colorSampled(const Imath::Color4f& color, int index);
void sliceChanged(int min_ofs, int max_ofs, int range);
public slots:
void setSprite(VoxelGridGroupPtr sprite);
void setActiveTool(const SproxelTool tool);
void setDrawGrid(const bool value) { m_drawGrid = value; updateGL(); }
void setDrawVoxelGrid(const bool value) { m_drawVoxelGrid = value; updateGL(); }
void setDrawBoundingBox(const bool value) { m_drawBoundingBox = value; updateGL(); }
void setDrawSpriteBounds(const bool value) { m_drawSpriteBounds = value; updateGL(); }
void setShiftWrap(const bool value) { m_shiftWrap = value; }
void setCurrentAxis(const SproxelAxis val);
void setAxisX() { setCurrentAxis(X_AXIS); }
void setAxisY() { setCurrentAxis(Y_AXIS); }
void setAxisZ() { setCurrentAxis(Z_AXIS); }
void setActiveColor(const Imath::Color4f& c, int i) { m_activeColor = c; m_activeIndex=i; }
void onSpriteChanged(VoxelGridGroupPtr spr) { if (spr==m_gvg) update(); }
void onPaletteChanged(ColorPalettePtr pal) { if (m_gvg && m_gvg->hasPalette(pal)) update(); }
void frameFull() { frame(true); }
void frameData() { frame(false); }
void setMinSlice(int);
void setMaxSlice(int);
void initializeGL();
void paintGL();
void resizeGL(int width, int height);
virtual void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent* event);
virtual void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent* event);
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent* event);
GLCamera m_cam;
double m_cameraSnapStep;
Imath::V2d m_cameraSnapDelta;
VoxelGridGroupPtr m_gvg;
std::vector<Imath::V3i> m_previews;
UndoManager *p_undoManager;
Imath::V3i m_activeVoxel;
Imath::Color4f m_activeColor;
int m_activeIndex;
QPoint m_lastMouse;
bool m_drawGrid;
bool m_drawVoxelGrid;
bool m_drawBoundingBox;
bool m_drawSpriteBounds;
bool m_shiftWrap;
SproxelAxis m_currAxis;
ToolState* m_activeTool;
Imath::V3i m_minBoundOffset, m_maxBoundOffset;
Imath::Box3i editBounds();
double* glMatrix(const Imath::M44d& m);
void objWritePoly(FILE* fp, bool asTriangles,
const int& v0, const int& v1, const int& v2, const int& v3);
Imath::Box3d dataBounds();
void centerGrid();
CubeFaceMask computeVoxelFaceMask(const Imath::V3i& index, const Imath::Box3i &bounds);
void glDrawAxes();
void glDrawGrid(const int size,
const int gridCellSize,
const Imath::Color4f& gridColor,
const Imath::Color4f& bgColor);
void glDrawCubeWire();
void glDrawCubePoly(const CubeFaceMask mask, bool smooth);
void glDrawVoxelGrid();
void glDrawActiveVoxel();
void glDrawPreviewVoxels();
void glDrawVoxelCenter(const size_t sx, const size_t sy, const size_t sz);
void glDrawBounds(const Imath::Box3i &bounds, QColor color);
QSettings* p_appSettings;
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