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#ifndef __MAIN_WINDOW_H__
#define __MAIN_WINDOW_H__
#include <QMenu>
#include <QWidget>
#include <QAction>
#include <QToolBar>
#include <QSettings>
#include <QMainWindow>
#include <QSpinBox>
#include "ProjectWidget.h"
#include "LayersWidget.h"
#include "NewGridDialog.h"
#include "PaletteWidget.h"
#include "GLModelWidget.h"
#include "SproxelProject.h"
#define SPROXEL_VERSION "0.61"
class MainWindow : public QMainWindow
MainWindow(const QString& initialFilename, QWidget* parent=NULL);
QSettings& appSettings() { return m_appSettings; }
SproxelProjectPtr project() { return m_project; }
UndoManager* undoManager() { return &m_undoManager; }
void closeEvent(QCloseEvent* event);
void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent* event);
QSettings m_appSettings;
SproxelProjectPtr m_project;
UndoManager m_undoManager;
GLModelWidget* m_glModelWidget;
// Menus
QMenu* m_menuFile;
QMenu* m_menuEdit;
QMenu* m_menuGrid;
QMenu* m_menuView;
QMenu* m_menuWindow;
// Docking windows and toolbars
QToolBar* m_toolbar;
QDockWidget* m_paletteDocker;
PaletteWidget* m_paletteWidget;
QDockWidget* m_projectDocker;
ProjectWidget* m_projectWidget;
//QDockWidget* m_layersDocker;
//LayersWidget* m_layersWidget;
QSpinBox *m_minSliceBox;
QSpinBox *m_maxSliceBox;
// Actions
QAction* m_actQuit;
QAction* m_actUndo;
QAction* m_actRedo;
QAction* m_actShiftUp;
QAction* m_actShiftDown;
QAction* m_actShiftWrap;
QAction* m_actRotateCw;
QAction* m_actRotateCcw;
QAction* m_actMirror;
QAction* m_actPreferences;
QAction* m_actExtendUp;
QAction* m_actExtendDown;
QAction* m_actContractUp;
QAction* m_actContractDown;
QAction* m_actUpRes;
QAction* m_actDownRes;
QAction* m_actViewGrid;
QAction* m_actViewVoxgrid;
QAction* m_actViewBBox;
QAction* m_actFileNew;
QAction* m_actFileOpen;
QAction* m_actFileSave;
QAction* m_actFileSaveAs;
QAction* m_actFileImport;
QAction* m_actFileExportGrid;
QActionGroup* m_toolbarActionGroup;
QAction* m_actToolSplat;
QAction* m_actToolReplace;
QAction* m_actToolDropper;
QAction* m_actToolFlood;
QAction* m_actToolEraser;
QAction* m_actToolSlab;
QAction* m_actToolLine;
QAction* m_actToolBox;
QAction* m_actToolExtrude;
QAction* m_actToolRay;
QAction *m_actAxisX;
QAction *m_actAxisY;
QAction *m_actAxisZ;
// Locals
QString m_activeFilename;
// Functions
int fileModifiedDialog();
public slots:
void newGrid();
void saveFile();
void saveFileAs();
void openFile();
void openFile(QString);
void import();
void exportGrid();
void shiftUp();
void shiftDown();
void rotateCw();
void rotateCcw();
void mirror();
void extendUp();
void extendDown();
void contractUp();
void contractDown();
void upRes();
void downRes();
void editPreferences();
void setToolSplat(bool stat);
void setToolFlood(bool stat);
void setToolRay(bool stat);
void setToolDropper(bool stat);
void setToolEraser(bool stat);
void setToolReplace(bool stat);
void setToolSlab(bool stat);
void setToolLine(bool stat);
void setToolBox(bool stat);
void setToolExtrude(bool stat);
void reactToModified(bool value);
void updateSlice(int mino, int maxo, int range);
extern MainWindow *main_window;
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