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Pair with Avdi

We’re offering La Conf 2013 attendees an exciting opportunity to pair program on stage with the main man in person, Avdi Grimm.

We all have areas of our codebases that feel like they’re holding us back. Either that small new feature just doesn’t sit right or maybe there’s something more specific that’s been troubling you and which you’d like to improve.

Enter the pairing session with Avdi; bring him your own code and participate as you power through it together. An enlightening experience for all present!

How to submit your code

Simply follow these steps :

  • Fork this project
  • Create a subdirectory named after your Github username.
  • Put your code in the subdirectory. If it's code from a big project, try and cut the code down to just the parts you want to talk about.
  • Include tests, if you have them, and a Rakefile that can run the tests.
  • Include a Gemfile for gem dependencies
  • Include a README with: a brief explanation of what the code does your concrete objectives for the code.

That’s it! - we’ll let you know if your code has been selected a few weeks before the conference, good luck!


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