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Compiling Helper for Adobe Air SDK

Air SDK compiling helper written for Node.js. Usefull to clean your testing and distributing workflow.


  • Works on Windows and Mac OSX, not tested on Linux (tell me if you can test it :))
  • Stop using batch files to compile or simulate your Air projects, get all your configurations with just one file.
  • No more description.xml duplicates because of multiple native extensions or multiple app ID.
  • No more terminal mess, simplify compiling process with one command.
  • Can auto-increment your build numbers.
  • Can store your p12 settings, by configuration.
  • Push compiled application to iOS and Android devices.
  • Can launch pre-configured simulators.
  • Can compile to Air / Win / Mac / iOS / Android.
  • Auto-detect IP for wifi debugging.


npm install -g air-compiler 

Project hosted on npm Sources available on github


Init a project

Go to your project folder with terminal and type :

air-compiler init

This will create a compiler.config.js file in your project root. Compiling process will also create a tmp/ folder in your project root.

Configure a project

Once the project is initialised, just feed the compiler.config.js file. You have to fill mandatory parameters like Air SDK Path etc. You can add simulation profiles and compiling profiles.

Launch SDK simulator

Just pass the simulator profile name as first argument.

Ex : launch the Air simulator with the default iphone screen size

air-compiler iphone

Ex : If you create your own simulator profile in the config file

air-compiler mySimulationProfile


Just pass the compiling profile name as first argument.

Ex : Compile the test profile

air-compiler test

Pushing apps to devices

Just type air-compiler push to push latested compiled ipa and apk to connected devices.

You can set the autoInstall parameter in your compiling profile to push automatically compiled binaries to connected devices.