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Install FAQ

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  • How do I install the .deb package?

    On most systems it is as easy as double-clicking the file. The package manager will take care of the rest. :)

    Alternatively, the package can be installed using the terminal:

    1. Navigate to the location of the .deb file (e.g. cd ~/Downloads)
    2. Install the package: sudo dpkg -i pat_x.y.z_linux_arch.deb (replace x.y.z and arch)
  • My distro does not support .deb files. What do I do?

    In the .tar.gz-files for other distributions you will find a self-contained binary that must be installed into your PATH.

    Copy the binary pat_x.y.z_linux_arch/pat to /usr/local/bin/ (or /usr/bin/ if it does not exist).

Apple MacOS

  • I cannot run pat. MacOS tells me that the software comes from an unidentified developer. What should I do?

Apple has a solution, please read this:

this is because LA5NTA is not a developer registered with Apple:

  • I've installed the .pkg, but I can't find Pat in Launchpad?

    Pat does not have a native macOS GUI, you can interact with it through the terminal. Fire up the terminal and type pat help.

    Most macOS users will probably prefer Pat's web GUI.

Microsoft Windows

  • The zip file I downloaded only contains pat.exe, what does it do?

    This is to be expected. The Windows releases of Pat are in their early stages. For now, you'll have to use the Windows Command Prompt to start Pat.

    Most Windows users will probably prefer Pat's web GUI.

Raspberry Pi

  • How do I install Pat on Raspbian or Ubuntu?

    Follow the instructions on installing .deb packages, see Linux.

    Psst: Download the armhf package.

    Also, check out this video series on how to get started with Pat on the Raspberry Pi.

  • My Raspberry Pi distro does not support .deb packages. What do I do now?

    Sorry, you'll have to build from source.


  • Can I run Pat on my Android device?

    Yes, but we don't provide pre-built binaries for Android yet. This is mainly due to the limited availability of transports (modems) on the platform.

  • ... Ok, how do I install it then?

    The easiest method is to build from source in a termux session. The Go toolchain and other build deps can be installed via apt.

  • Which transports (modes) are supported?

    Short answer: You're probably limited to Telnet (TCP/IP) only.

    The Android kernel does not provide AX.25 support. ARDOP does not run on Android, and neither does WINMOR. Serial modems (e.g. PACTOR) are not supported because Android does not provide regular serial support.

    You can, however, use ARDOP/WINMOR TNCs running on remote systems (via TCP/IP), but you are probably better off running Pat on the same remote system and accessing its web gui over the network.