A Stylish style for easy Slack theming.
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Slack Night Mode

A Stylish style for easy Slack theming. CC0.


This theme requires that you use the Stylish extension for your browser (available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).

Unfortunately, if you're using the desktop version of Slack, you will not be able to use this theme (as explained on my blog post).



Black (source - build - install)

The primary supported theme. This is an excellent theme if you use a program like f.lux or redshift.

Black Screenshot

Aubergine (source - build - install)

This is based on Slack's aubergine/maroon style. It's the original theme.

Aubergine Screenshot



Variants can have extensions which add additional changes.

Monospaced (source)

Replaces the messaging font stack with a monospace font stack.