Symfony form widget to allow using the values of a column as labels for the optgroup HTML element
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sfWidgetFormChoiceOptgroup is a set of form widget for symfony 1.4 extending sfWidgetFormDoctrineChoice or sfWidgetFormPropelChoice. The new feature is the possibility to indicate a column which values will be used to group all the fields with that column value within optgroup HTML elements.

To run it you just have to indicate one extra required option: optgroup_column, telling, in the PhpName, which is the column to use for the optgroups.

Additionally, you can optionally provide another option: optgroup_method, which provides with the method that will be used to display the optgroup label. If it is not set, it defaults to the getter for the optgroup_column.

Following is an example for the Doctrine plugin. To work with Propel, just substitute Doctrine for Propel:

$this->widgetSchema['field'] = new sfWidgetFormDoctrineChoiceOptgroup(array(
    'model' => 'Table',
    'optgroup_column' => 'Column', /*In the PhpName*/,
    'optgroup_method' => 'doSomething', /*if it is not set, it will default to the 'getColumn' method*/

In addition, you have sfWidgetFormDoctrineChoiceManyOptgroup and sfWidgetFormPropelChoiceManyOptgroup that acts as the previous one but setting multiple to true as the default.