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Version: 0.2.1

New A Question Of site/shop relaunch, built on Wordpress and OpenCart.

S¿ren Louv-Jansen and Lasse Boisen Andersen perform as both core developers and coordinators.

Preferably PHP5 and MySQL on an Apache server with mod_rewrite enabled.

1. Download/fork/fetch the full repository from GitHub
2. Import MySQL databased for WP and OC using: db-schema-oc.default.sql + db-schema-wp.default.sql
3. Change the following value in OC DB to reflect current site URL
Table: setting
Entry: config_url
4. Change the following the WP DB with new URLs
Table: wp-options
Entry: siteurl
Entry: home
4. Change configuration settings for OC in config.php and admin/config.php (if needed)
5. Change configuration settings for WP in wp-config.php
6. Update the .htaccess manually for WP with the correct URL or go to wp-admin and re-update the permalinks settings

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