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ITU Innovators Dashboard project

Simple single-page entrance to all the online services at ITU (widgetized with /links to the websites).

Built on CakePHP for the backend with jQuery, CSS3, HTML5 and plenty of utils on the front-end. Hosted at a dedicated unix server on Linode. GitHub used for code rep and deployment/CI.


  • PHP5x
  • MySQL or equivalent
  • Apache/webserver w/ htaccess and mod_rewrite support
  • a kick-ass webbrowser! (you know which)
  • phpMyAdmin or equivalent can be useful

v0.1 BETA

Quick start

  1. git clone
  2. mysqladmin -u root -p create itu-dashboard
  3. cp app/config/database.php.default app/config/database.php
  4. EDIT AND UPDATE database.php
  5. cake/console/cake schema create -s NUMBER (e.g. 4)

Get started from scratch (detailed)

  1. make a local dir 'itu-project' for the project (apache/webserver needs access to here)
  2. git clone the project to your local project dir ('git clone')
  3. create an empty MySQL DB called 'itu-dashboard' (no tables, just the DB)
  4. copy app/config/database.php.default to app/config/database.php
  5. edit database.php with your own local DB info
  6. from your project dir, run 'cake/console/cake schema create -s NUMBER' (replace with number of the newest schema_NUMBER.php file, e.g. 4), select y & y when asked
  7. now you have a DB with all the tables needed including a little data
  8. kick up your browser and you're baking baby!

mysqladmin path in MAMP (OSX):

add this to database for MAMP (OSX) to work:
'port' => '/Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock',

default login:
user: admin
pass: admin

How to add a new widget

  1. goto models/widget.php
  2. create function myWidget($args) (look at existing function)
  3. create an entry in widgets table with the same name (case sesitive)
  4. goto home_controller.php
  5. add line: $this->set('WidgetmyWidget', ClassRegistry::init('Widget')->myWidget(array('session' => $user, 'cookie' => $cookie))); to add it to the dashboard