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Friendly bitcoin API binding for Python
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bitcoin-python is a set of Python libraries that allows easy access to the bitcoin peer-to-peer cryptocurrency client API.

Not actively maintained

bitcoin-python is not actively maintained. I don't have the mental bandwidth to maintain it and good alternatives have sprung up over time.

I'd suggest python-bitcoinlib ( ) as is the ultimate python bitcoin library. It offers not only RPC access but also a Python version of almost every bitcoin data structure.

The RPC is can be used through bitcoin.rpc.Proxy, see for example

If anyone wants to take up the maintainer role for bitcoin-python, let me know.


Documentation can be found here, or in the source archive. It is built using Sphinx:

Installation instructions

bitcoin-python uses setuptools for the install script. There are no dependencies apart from Python itself.

$ python build
$ python install

Pypi / Cheeseshop

It is possible to install the package through Pypi (cheeseshop), see

$ pip install bitcoin-python


These things still have to be added:

  • SSL support (including certificate verification) for managing remote bitcoin daemons.
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