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Bitcoin block database troubleshooting tools
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▄▚█▐▙▞█▖▙▐▜▚▖▌▗▟▌▗▐▟▗▌▖▚▟▌▄█▚█▜▌▟█▚▟▟▐▀▙ Collected bitcoin block database troubleshooting tools. ▐▟▌▀▜▗▘▙▝▛▛▄▝▙▚▟▜▚▚▌▝▙▘▟▞▞▞▗▞▞▙▘▙▛▜▟▐▗▙▙

Run ./ to build the necessary python module, as well as leveldbutil.

Do not use existing python-leveldb with these tools! The internal library is specifically tweaked to be exactly like Bitcoin's. Using an external leveldb can result in the databases becoming incompatible with Bitcoin due to, for example, different compression settings or version drift.


apt-get install python3-setuptools python3-dev



Run ./ to build the lmdb module. This will use py-lmdb's internal lmdb module, not the system lmdb (if any).

./ /data/bitcoin/chainstate /data/bitcoin/chainstate2 $((1024*1024*1024*8))
./ /data/bitcoin/blocks/index /data/bitcoin/blocks/index2 $((1024*1024*1024*8)) 
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