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To run laarc

git clone
cd laarc
mkdir arc
echo "myname" > arc/admins
NOISY=1 DEV=1 rlwrap bin/arc # rlwrap is optional

at the arc prompt:

((load "news.arc"))

go to http://localhost:8080

click on login, and create an account called myname

you should now be logged in as an admin

To customize News

change the variables at the top of news.arc

To improve performance

(= static-max-age* 7200)    ; browsers can cache static files for 7200 sec

(declare 'direct-calls t)   ; you promise not to redefine fns as tables

(declare 'explicit-flush t) ; you take responsibility for flushing output
                            ; (all existing news code already does)

Production installation

# some prereqs
sudo pkg install racket shuf rlwrap

# prereqs for plotting traffic graphs
sudo pkg install moreutils # sponge
sudo pkg install gnuplot

# for email
sudo pkg install python # then install pip
sudo pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client oauth2client

# PULL=10 means `git pull` every 10 seconds
PULL=10 FLUSH=nil bin/laarc