Release v0.4.0

@aclodic aclodic released this Oct 23, 2014 · 3 commits to master since this release

Update romeo.urdf and romeo_small.urdf with 0.0.9 Aldebaran version
Add Readme to explain why we are not yet synchronize with Aldebaran repo
[cmake] Synchronize


Release 0.3.0

@aclodic aclodic released this Jul 8, 2014 · 8 commits to master since this release


  • Update .rviz file after commit c95f9ca
  • [cmake] Synchronize.
  • Update the launch files and the associates .rviz files.
  • [Travis] Add travis support. Use hydro.
  • [cmake] Synchronize. Closes #6.
  • Merge pull request #5 from francois-keith/master
  • Add gripper frames.
  • Publish freeflyer pose and use /odom as fixed frame.
  • Merge pull request #4 from florent-lamiraux/master
  • Fix typo in CMakeLists.txt.
  • Install launch files.
  • Install files in ${datadir}/romeo_deacription.
  • Update the rviz config file for romeo.
  • catkinize the package
  • Remove the unit info in the collada file.
  • Add real torque limits.
  • Add a launcher that make the binding with the sot easier.
  • Add a vcg file for the rviz launcher.
  • Add a launch file to visualize the robot.
  • Add gitignore.
  • Add a small model for romeo.
  • Correct the way the Thumb bend.
  • Use Aldebaran notations for links' name.
  • [romeo_description] Remove dofs values for joint 'waist' in half_sitting.
  • [romeo_description] Remove undefined group arms from all.
  • [romeo_description] Uncomment group all.
  • [romeo_description] Use correct name for sole links.
  • Update author.
  • Update the collada model of Romeo.