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BraDypUS [v.4]

The web based, flexible, free (AGPL) database system

Bradypus is an open-source software developed at LAD: Laboratorio di Archeologia Digitale at Sapienza University of Rome by Julian Bogdani and previously released unnder the terms of MIT License and since v4 under the terms of the GNU AGPL-3.0 License. It is aimed at easily creating, impementing and publishing relational databases on the Web, especially for the archaeolgical domain. Beyound traditional text-based search, it integrates tools for dynamic Harris Matrix creation and graphical data analysis through charts.

At present, about thirty Italian and International reserach projects, mainly related to Archaeology and Cultural Heritage are actively maintained.

Recently a new Educational service has been activated to host research data of younger researchers, typically graduate and PhD students, PostDocs, indipendent researchers, etc. This service runs the latest build of the 4.x branch.

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