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This directory is customized contents from the **blender_docs** SVN repository.
.. note::
Currently, this repository is for testing:
* to make the steps how to make i18ned documentation workflow.
.. caution::
Do not commit files to original BF documentation repogitory from this repo.
Translation steps for blender-manual
(on OS X 10.10 & Python 2.7)
below is a sample for adding 'ja' locale.
you can try translation to your own Sphinx project.
:svnroot: ~/GitHub/blender_docs
:projectroot: ~/GitHub/blender-manual_i18n
:documentroot: ~/GitHub/blender-manual_i18n/manual
:pot files: ~/GitHub/blender-manual_i18n/build/locale/pot
:po files(ja): ~/GitHub/blender-manual_i18n/build/locale/ja
:html files(en): ~/GitHub/blender-manual_i18n/build/html/en
:html files(ja): ~/GitHub/blender-manual_i18n/build/html/ja
.. note::
BUILDDIR = build
Install sphinx-intl package
After installation blender manual steps, IInstall sphinx-intl package for translation
$ pip install sphinx-intl
Download/Update from svn
Run a svn command to download files from svn repository.
.. code-block::
$ cd ~/GitHub/
$ svn checkout
Edit Configuration files
Change locale directory and gettext option in manual/
.. code-block::
locale_dirs = ['../build/locale/'] # path is example but recommended.
gettext_compact = False # optional.
Chanege output folder in Make file
.. code-block::
all: FORCE
# './' (input), './html/en' (output)
$(SPHINXBUILD) -b html $(SPHINXOPTS) ./manual $(BUILDDIR)/html/en
@echo "firefox" $(shell pwd)"$(BUILDDIR)/html/en"
Bluld POT files
after add 'gettext' target , run ``make gettext`` command.
.. code-block::
$ cd ~/GitHub/blender-manual_i18n
$ sphinx-build -b gettext ./manual ./build/locale/pot
Update message file
To sync messages to ja locale, run the command
.. code-block::
$ cd ~/GitHub/blender-manual_i18n
$ sphinx-intl update -d ./locale/ -p ./build/locale/pot -l ja
Translate it
You can translate message text (.po file ).
.. code-block::
#: ../manual/contents.rst:3
msgid "Blender Manual contents"
msgstr ""
.. code-block::
#: ../manual/contents.rst:3
msgid "Blender Manual contents"
msgstr "Blenderマニュアルコンテンツ"
Build i18ned html
Bulid mo files:
.. note::
please make sure if current directory is "~/GitHub/blender-manual_i18n"
before run these commands.
.. code-block::
$ sphinx-intl build -d ./build/locale/
Bulid html files(ja)
.. code-block::
$ sphinx-build -D language='ja' -b html ./manual ./build/html/ja
Bulid html files(en)
.. code-block::
$ make all
Template customize
.. note::
This is temporarily change to access two language page.
.. code-block::
<li>{{ title }}</li>
<li class="wy-breadcrumbs-aside">
<a href="{{ url_root +'../en/contents.html' }}"> [EN]</a> |
<a href="{{ url_root +'../ja/contents.html' }}"> [JA]</a> |
Japanese Translation Sample
Blender-Manual is Blender's official project to provide the user with a clear, concise and up-to-date description of
Blender's functioning in the current version.
Complementary projects are the `Python API <>`__ as a reference,
`StackExcange <>`__ for question answering and
`Blender Cloud <>`__ for training.
Project Status
There are some left over TODOs from the MediaWiki migration and sections on the process of being reviewed.
See also the `current open tasks <>`__ and the
`section overview <>`__
Building the Manual
See install.rst for how to build and the `Getting Started section <>`__
for an explanation on the full workflow and other tips.
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