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This repository holds software for the signpost city-scale sensing project

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Signpost Software

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This repository holds all of the software for the Signpost City-Scale sensing project. Please see that repository for more information on the project as a whole.

The software for the Signpost project mainly consists of code that runs on the Cortex-M class microcontrollers that we use on the Signpost modules. Some of the software runs on Signpost core modules (such as the radio module and control module) and provides resources including networking, time, location and storage to the sensor modules. Sensor modules can access these resources through the Signpost API, which defines the full networking stack for interacting with a Signpost. The goal of the Signpost API is to significantly simplify sensor module applications.

Signpost API

The Signpost API exists as a shim between the application and the hardware on your microcontroller, and can easily be ported to multiple platforms by implementing several calls to I2C, GPIO and Timer peripherals. Currently most sensors (and the core modules) run Tock, but we currently have one sensor module running ARM Mbed, and we have an Arduino port working and nearly ready to merge.

Current Status

The API is still in slight flux, but is starting to stabilize for a 'Signpost 1.0' release. We are primarily still working on over the air updates. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!

Current Organization


All code running on the signpost is in this folder.


Documentation that is currently being updated


The signpost backend and lab11-specific packet parsers.


Tools that run on your desktop to help with signpost development.


This repository inherits its licensed from the parent project. Please see the signpost repository for the license statement.