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Nordic/ble_app_uart: Remove duplicate definition of 'assert_nrf_callb…

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oliviermartin committed Feb 21, 2017
1 parent e395fcd commit b3cf7409ae16219e1e25c013a7fa18226daa5b55
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  1. +0 −18 Application/Nordic/ble_app_uart/ble_app_uart.c
@@ -70,24 +70,6 @@ static uint16_t m_conn_handle = BLE_CONN_HANDLE_INVALID;
static ble_uuid_t m_adv_uuids[] = {{BLE_UUID_NUS_SERVICE, NUS_SERVICE_UUID_TYPE}}; /**< Universally unique service identifier. */
/**@brief Function for assert macro callback.
* @details This function will be called in case of an assert in the SoftDevice.
* @warning This handler is an example only and does not fit a final product. You need to analyse
* how your product is supposed to react in case of Assert.
* @warning On assert from the SoftDevice, the system can only recover on reset.
* @param[in] line_num Line number of the failing ASSERT call.
* @param[in] p_file_name File name of the failing ASSERT call.
void assert_nrf_callback(uint16_t line_num, const uint8_t * p_file_name)
app_error_handler(DEAD_BEEF, line_num, p_file_name);
/**@brief Function for the GAP initialization.
* @details This function will set up all the necessary GAP (Generic Access Profile) parameters of

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