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javascript app framework by the LAB at Rockwell Group
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The LAB JS framework is a loose set of tools meant to make the prototyping and production of large scale javascript projects simpler and more akin to creative coding environments like Processing and openFrameworks. The framework is meant to make it simpler to use new JS toolkits--such as THREE.JS or TDL--in a way that feels more similar to the aforementioned environments. While we have written some light wrappers for libraries where appropriate (see lab/three, for example), the framework is NOT a new WebGL or HTML5 library. Our aim is solely to make using these new libraries easier and to wrangle them into a format that makes sense for us (and hopefully others).


Right now, the library probably only works in a few browsers, and leans to heavily on existing libraries for some basic functionality (jquery's extend, for example). So, it's not as flexible or as light as we might hope. Please feel free to submit git issues or pull requests where you see room for improvement!

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