Node.js web app (with express, jade, stylus, and temboo) that forwards tweets that meet user-defined queries to spacebrew.
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Spacebrew Webservices App

An app that forwards tweets and foursquare check-ins to spacebrew. People can define filters via text boxes, and then all content that meets the filter requirements are forwarded to spacebrew at a specific refresh rate.

Installing the App

###1. Install dependencies The first step is installing the node modules in the node_modules directory of this project. Most modules can be installed using node's nifty npm utility, though one of them will require a manual install.

To install modules using npm, open up the terminal program and go to the base directory of this project. Then run the following command for each module:


Here is a list of the packages that can be installed via npm. Just run the command above once for each app, switching out DEPENDENCY_PKG_NAME with each app's name:

  • express
  • jade
  • nib
  • stylus
  • ws
  • request

Packages that need to be installed manually:

  • Temboo To install this module go to Temboo website, sign-up for account, download the node sdk, and copy it into the node_modules directory of this project.

###2. Set-up Temboo Credentials Next, you need to create temboo_auth.js file with your Temboo credentials and app information. This file is ignored by git because it contains private information that should not be tracked. The temboo_auth.js file needs to follow the format outlined below, which is also available on the temboo_auth_template.js template file.

module.exports = {
    tAuth : {
        user : ADD_TEMBOO_USER_NAME,	// string
        app : ADD_TEMBOO_APP_NAME,		// string
        key : ADD_TEMBOO_APP_KEY		// string

###3. Set-up the Appropriate Webservice Auth Files Please note that we have migrate this app to use temboo to handle the OAuth2.0 authentication for twitter and foursquare (that's right the new twitter api requires authentication even for search).

This means that in order to set-up a local version of this app you will need to configure the appropriate credentials in you temboo account. We'll post more information about how to do this soon. In the meantime you should just read temboo's documentation and look at the code in the twitter and foursquare controller files, which are saved in the controllers directory.

###4. Run App Now you are ready to run the app. Go to app's base directory in the terminal, or other shell, and enter the launch command below with the appropriate arguments.

node app.js

When launching the node app you can specify the port number where the front-end web app will be served. To set the port number append the following parameter to the app launch command port=PORT_NUM. Below is an example of an app launch command where the port number is set to 3009. By default the port is set to 8002.

node app.js port=8004 

###5. Play Time Once the app is running, you can access the twitter app at /twitter and the foursquare app at /foursquare. Therefore, if you are running the server on your local computer using port 3009 then the twitter app would available at http://localhost:3009/twitter, while the foursquare app would be available at http://localhost:3009/foursquare.

You can configure the app using the following query string options:

  • name: name of the application that will be registered with spacebrew.
  • server: spacebrew server hostname.
  • description: description of the application that will be registered with spacebrew.
  • refresh: number of seconds between each time the data is refreshed.

Here is an example URL with all of these query options defined:

http://localhost:8004/twitter? in space&description=app that forwards tweets

Latest Updates

  • twitter app works with new api the requires authentication
  • foursquare app has been migrated to use temboo for OAuth authentication
  • buttons enable you to turn forwarding on and off
  • tweet querie can be submitted via spacebrew (though forwarding needs to be activated)