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Build and Test codecov

GBoard4A is forensic analyzer for Autopsy digital forensic software to analyze GBoard application data.


  • A D compiler (e.g.: dmd)
  • dub package manager
  • autopsy at least version 4.17
  • sqlite3 library


To build the project you run:

$ dub build

To build and run the test suite run:

$ dub test


To run an analysis using the CLI, all you have to do is run:

$ dub run -- <command-args>

Some information about the program arguments:

-r --root-dir GBoard root directory analysis (must be used alone)
-d      --dir GBoard directory analysis
-f     --file GBoard file analysis
-t     --type Output format type (default: json)
-o   --output Output file path of analysis report
-v  --verbose Print extra information on the analysis
-h     --help This help information.

To run the GBoard Autopsy modules you need to copy the generated binary and to the python_modules folder of your Autopsy instance.


Run a full analysis:

dub run -- -r ./path/to/gboard/data/folder/

Run a partial analysis:

dub run -- -f ./path/to/gboard/data/folder/databases/gboard_clipboard.db


This software is licensed under GNU GPL (Version 3, 29 June 2007).