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Autopsy plugin to extract information from the 'Your Phone' Windows 10 App
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Autopsy plugin made to extract information from the 'Your Phone' Windows 10 App

Windows installation

  1. Download as ZIP directly from here
  2. Go to your Python Modules folder:
    1. Open Autopsy
    2. Tools > Python Plugins
  3. Unzip the downloaded ZIP inside the folder opened by Autopsy
  4. Restart or start Autopsy to compile all the libraries and files
  5. Open your case and run the YPA file ingest module
  6. Run the YPA Report Module with the desired options
  7. Open the report (HTML)


If you need to cite this work, please use the following reference:

Domingues, Patricio, Miguel Frade, Luis Miguel Andrade, and João Victor Silva. "Digital forensic artifacts of the Your Phone application in Windows 10." Digital Investigation (2019).


YPA was developed by Luís Miguel Andrade, João Victor Silva, Patrício Domingues, and Miguel Frade.

If you have any suggestion or find any bug, please contact us or create an issue in this repository.


Luís Andrade -

João Silva -

Patrício Domingues -

Miguel Frade -

Test data

If you wish to test the module before a real case, you have some dummy databases here:


This module is licensed under GPL 3.0

This module uses a modified version of mdegrazia's SQLite-Deleted-Records-Parser ( which is licensed under GPL 3.0

This module uses the binary form of Undark ( Undark's license can be located at the file undark-LICENSE

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