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Lab Digital

Open Source projects from Lab Digital

Welcome to Lab Digital

Here you find our library of open-source SDKs and libraries developed over years and used in production for many sites.

Open-source is close to our hearts. We love creating reusable software and sharing these with the community. We believe that having a large open-source footprint, allows us to build higher quality solutions, faster and with more consistency.

Our open-source projects focus mainly on the following:

Lab Digital is hiring cloud native software engineers that love open source


  1. terraform-provider-commercetools terraform-provider-commercetools Public

    Terraform provider for commercetools

    Go 63 69

  2. commercetools-python-sdk commercetools-python-sdk Public

    Commercetools Python SDK

    Python 16 15

  3. terraform-provider-storyblok terraform-provider-storyblok Public

    Terraform provider to manage Storyblok

    Go 2

  4. terraform-provider-apollostudio terraform-provider-apollostudio Public

    Terraform provider for Apollo Studio


  5. terraform-provider-contentstack terraform-provider-contentstack Public

    Terraform provider for Contentstack

    Go 10

  6. commercetools-node-mock commercetools-node-mock Public

    Mock for the commercetools rest api

    TypeScript 18 11


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