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@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ Getting Started

This section of the manual contains introductory tutorials for installing
labgrid, running your first test and setting up the distributed infrastructure.
For an overview about the basic design and components of `labgrid`, read the
:ref:`overview` first.

@@ -162,11 +164,12 @@ The HTML documentation is written to ``doc/.build/html/``.
Setting Up the Distributed Infrastructure

The labgrid distributed infrastructure consists of three components:
The labgrid :ref:`distributed infrastructure <remote-resources-and-places>`
consists of three components:

#. Coordinator
#. Exporter
#. Client
#. :ref:`overview-coordinator`
#. :ref:`overview-exporter`
#. :ref:`overview-client`

The system needs at least one coordinator and exporter, these can run on the
same machine. The client is used to access functionality provided by an
@@ -1,3 +1,5 @@
.. _overview:


@@ -220,6 +222,8 @@ implementation `Autobahn <>`_ and the `Crossbar
The following sections describe the resposibilities of each component. See
:ref:`remote-usage` for usage information.

.. _overview-coordinator:


@@ -281,6 +285,8 @@ client host has currently acquired the place.
The resource matches are only evaluated while a place is being acquired and cannot be
changed until it is `released` again.

.. _overview-exporter:

An exporters registers all its configured resources when it connects to the
@@ -300,6 +306,8 @@ published as declared in the configuration file.
This is useful to register externally configured resources such as network
power switches or serial port servers with a labgrid coordinator.

.. _overview-client:

The client requests the current lists of resources and places from the

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