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CHANGES: complete changes for 0.2.0 release

These items were missed when collecting the changes for the 0.2.0

Signed-off-by: Jan Luebbe <>
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jluebbe committed Jan 7, 2019
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@@ -10,8 +10,12 @@ New Features
resources and places.
- ``labgrid-client ssh`` now uses ip/user/password from NetworkService resource
if available
- The pytest plugin option ``--lg-log`` enables logging of the serial traffic
into a file (see below).
- The environement files can contain feature flags which can be used to control
which tests are run in pytest.
- ``LG_*`` variables from the OS environment can be used in the config file with
the ``!template`` directive.
- The new "managed file" support takes a local file and synchronizes it to a
resource on a remote host. If the resource is not a `NetworkResource`, the
local file is used instead.
@@ -184,6 +188,25 @@ This way a `NetworkPowerDriver` can implement the `ResetProtocol`, but if anothe
See the documentation for details.

ConsoleLogging Reporter

The ConsoleLoggingReporter can be used with the pytest plugin or the library.
It records the Data send from a DUT to the computer running labgrid.
The logfile contains a header with the name of the device from the environment
configuration and a timestamp.

When using the library, the reporter can be started with::

from labgrid.consoleloggingreporter import ConsoleLoggingReporter


where "." is the output directory.

The pytest plugin accepts the ``--lg-log`` commandline option, either with or
without an output path.

Auto-Installer Tool

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