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@@ -128,6 +128,23 @@ The pytest plugin also supports the verbosity argument of pytest:
This allows debugging during the writing of tests and inspection during test runs.
Other labgrid-related pytest plugin options are:
``--lg-env=LG_ENV`` (was ``--env-config=ENV_CONFIG``)
Specify a labgrid environment config file.
This is equivalent to labgrid-client's ``-c``/``--config``.
Specify labgrid coordinator websocket URL.
Defaults to ``ws://``.
This is equivalent to labgrid-client's ``-x``/``--crossbar``.
``--lg-log=[path to logfiles]``
Path to store console log file.
If option is specified without path the current working directory is used.
``pytest --help`` shows these options in a separate *labgrid* section.
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