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doc/overview: document proxy settings

Document the proxy settings.

Signed-off-by: Rouven Czerwinski <>
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For exporters which are not directly accessible via SSH, add the host to your
.ssh/config file, with a ProxyCommand when need.

Proxy Mechanism

Both client and exporter support the proxy mechanism which uses SSH to tunnel
connections to a remote host. To enable and force proxy mode on the exporter use
the :code:`-i` or :code:`--isolated` command line option. This indicates to clients that all
connections to remote resources made available by this exporter need to be
tunneled using a SSH connection.
On the other hand, clients may need to access the remote infrastrucure using a
SSH tunnel. In this case the :code:`LG_PROXY` environment variable needs to be
set to the remote host which should tunnel the connections. The client than
forwards all network traffic through SSH, even the coordinator connection is
forwarded. This means that with :code:`LG_PROXY` and :code:`LG_CROSSBAR` labgrid can be used
fully remotely with only a SSH connection as a requirement.
One remaining issue here is the forward of UDP connections, which is currently
not possible. UDP connections are used by some of the power backends in the form
of SNMP.

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