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Releases: labgrid-project/labgrid


26 Nov 14:33
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Bug fixes in 0.4.1

  • The exporter now exports sysfsgpios during place acquire/release, fixing a
    race in the sysfspgio agent interface.
  • Fixed a bug where using labgrid-client io get always returned low
    when reading a sysfsgpio.
  • Fixed labgrid-client forward --remote/-R, which used either the LOCAL
    part of --local/-L accidentally (if specified) or raised an
  • Fix labgrid-client exit code on keyboard interrupt.


23 Sep 15:58
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New Features in 0.4.0

  • Duplicate bindings for the same driver are now allowed (see the QEMUDriver)
  • The NetworkPowerDriver now additionally supports:
    • Siglent SPD3000X series power supplies
  • Labgrid client lock now enforces that all matches need to be fulfilled.
  • Support for USB HID relays has been added.
  • UBootDriver now allows overriding of currently fixed await boot timeout
    via new boot_timeout argument.
  • With --lg-colored-steps, two new dark and light color schemes
    which only use the standard 8 ANSI colors can be set in LG_COLOR_SCHEME.
    The existing color schemes have been renamed to dark-256color and light-256color.
    Also, the ColoredStepReporter now tries to autodetect whether the terminal
    supports 8 or 256 colors, and defaults to the respective dark variant.
    The 256-color schemes now use purple instead of green for the run lines to
    make them easier distinguishable from pytest's "PASSED" output.
  • Network controlled relay providing GET/PUT based REST API
  • The QEMUDriver gains support for -bios and qcow2 images.
  • Support for audio input has been added.
  • Usage of sshpass for SSH password input has been replaced with the SSH_ASKPASS
    environment variable.
  • Labgrid supports the Linux Automation GmBH USB Mux now.
  • NetworkManager control support on the exporter has been added. This allows
    control of bluetooth and wifi connected to the exporter.
  • TFTP-/NFS-/HTTPProvider has been added, allowing easy staging of files for the
    DUT to later retrieve.
  • Improved LG_PROXY documentation in docs/usage.rst.
  • Exporter now checks /usr/sbin/ser2net for SerialPortExport
  • Support for Tasmota-flashed power outlets controlled via MQTT has been added.
  • The OpenOCDDriver has been reworked with new options and better output.
  • A script to synchronize places to an external description was added.
  • ShellDriver has regained the support to retrieve the active interface and IP
  • Labgrid has gained support for HTTP Video streams.
  • A settle time for the ShellDriver has been added to wait for chatty systems to
    settle before interacting with the shell.
  • Support for Macrosilicon HDMI to USB (MJPEG) adapters was added.
  • Console logfiles can now be created by the labgrid client command.
  • A ManualSwitchDriver has been added to prompt the user to flip a switch or set
    a jumper.
  • AndroidFastbootDriver now supports booting/flashing images preconfigured in
    the environment configuration.

Bug fixes in 0.4.0

  • pytest --lg-log foobar now creates the folder foobar before trying to
    write the log into it, and error handling was improved so that all possible
    errors that can occur when opening the log file are reported to stderr.
  • gstreamer log messages are now suppressed when using labgrid-client video.
  • Travis CI has been dropped for Github Actions.

Breaking changes in 0.4.0

  • EthernetInterface has been renamed to NetworkInterface.

Known issues in 0.4.0

  • Some client commands return 0 even if the command failed.
  • Currently empty passwords are not well supported by the ShellDriver


07 Apr 05:53
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  • limit twisted version within crossbar-requirements.txt
  • the EthernetPort and SerialPort resources now properly raise their exceptions instead of only creating them
  • fixed docker cryptography failure during build
  • remove ports configuration from docker-compose.yml
  • add rsync to docker-client image


14 Mar 07:05
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  • Fix for exporter baud rate handling which prevented ser2net from starting.


05 Feb 15:40
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  • Fixes a typo in labgrid-bound-connect, which should re-enable connection
    proxying for SSH.
  • Man-Pages have been correctly regenerated.
  • The exporter correctly handles the configured baud-rate for serial ports again.
  • Various tests have been marked with skips if the modules are not available.
  • Docker files have been moved to from the docker directory to the dockerfiles
    directory, which prevents the tests from incorrectly assuming a docker module
    is available.


22 Jan 15:17
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New Features in 0.3.0

  • All CommandProtocol drivers support the poll_until_success method.
  • The new FileDigitalOutputDriver respresents a digital signal with a file.
  • The new GpioDigitalOutputDriver controls the state of a GPIO via the sysfs interface.
  • Crossbar and autobahn have been updated to 19.3.3 and 19.3.5 respectively.
  • The InfoDriver was removed. The functions have been integrated into the
    labgridhelper library, please use the library for the old functionality.
  • labgrid-client write-image subcommand: labgrid client now has a
    write-image command to write images onto block devices.
  • labgrid-client ssh now also uses port from NetworkService resource if
  • The PLACE and STATE variables used by labgrid-client are replaced by
    LG_PLACE and LG_STATE, the old variables are still supported for the
    time being.
  • The SSHDriver's keyfile attribute is now specified relative to the config
    file just like the images are.
  • The ShellDriver's keyfile attribute is now specified relative to the config
    file just like the images are.
  • labgrid-client -P <PROXY> and the LG_PROXY enviroment variable can be
    used to access the coordinator and network resources via that SSH proxy host.
    Drivers which run commands via SSH to the exporter still connect directly,
    allowing custom configuration in the user's .ssh/config as needed.
    Note that not all drivers have been updated to use the ProxyManager yet.
  • Deditec RELAIS8 devices are now supported by the DeditecRelaisDriver.
  • The RKUSBDriver was added to support the rockchip serial download mode.
  • The USBStorageDriver gained support for BMAP.
  • Flashrom support added, by hard-wiring e.g. an exporter to the DUT, the ROM
    on the DUT can be written directly. The flashrom driver implements the
    bootstrap protocol.
  • AndroidFastbootDriver now supports 'getvar' and 'oem getenv' subcommands.
  • The coordinator now updates the resource acquired state at the exporter.
    Accordingly, the exporter now starts ser2net only when a resources is
    aquired. Furthermore, resource conflicts between places are now detected.
  • Labgrid now uses the ProcessWrapper for externally called processes. This
    should include output from these calls better inside the test runs.
  • The binding dictionary can now supports type name strings in addition to the
    types themselves, avoiding the need to import a specific protocol or driver
    in some cases.
  • The remote infrastructure gained support for place reservations, for further
    information check the section in the documentation.
  • The SigrokDriver gained support for the Manson HCS-2302, it allows enabling
    and disabling channels, measurement and setting the current and voltage limit.
  • labgrid-client write-image gained new arguments: --partition,
    --skip, --seek.
  • Support for Sentry PDUs has been added.
  • Strategies now implement a force method, to force a strategy state
    irrespective of the current state.
  • SSH Connections can now be proxied over the exporter, used by adding a device
    suffix to the NetworkService address.
  • UBootDriver now allows overriding of default boot command (run bootcmd)
    via new boot_command argument.
  • The config file supports per-target options, in addition to global options.
  • Add power driver to support GEMBIRD SiS-PM implementing SiSPMPowerDriver.
  • A cleanup of the cleanup functions was performed, labgrid should now clean up
    after itself and throws an error if the user needs to handle it himself.
  • labgrid-client now respects the LG_HOSTNAME and LG_USERNAME
    environment variables to set the hostname and username when accessing
  • PyVISA support added, allowing to use PyVISA controlled test equipment from
  • labgrid-client write-image gained a new argument --mode to specify
    which tool should be used to write the image (either dd or bmaptool)
  • Exporter configuration file exporter.yaml now allows use of environment

Breaking changes in 0.3.0

  • ManagedFile now saves the files in a different directory on the exporter.
    Previously /tmp was used, labgrid now uses /var/cache/labgrid.
    A tmpfiles example configuration for systemd is provided in the /contrib
    It is also highly recommended to enable fs.protected_regular=1 and
    fs.protected_fifos=1 for kernels>=4.19.
    This requires user intervention after the upgrade to create the directory and
    setup the cleanup job.
  • @attr.s(cmp=False) is deprecated and all classes have been moved to
    @attr.s(eq=False), this release requires attrs version 19.2.0
  • Coordinator work dir is now set to the same dir as the crossbar configuration
    dir. Hence coordinator specific files like places.yaml and
    resources.yaml are now also stored in the crossbar configuration folder.
    Previously it would use ...
  • The HawkbitTestClient and USBStick classes have been removed
  • The original USBStorageDriver was removed, NetworkUSBStorageDriver was
    renamed to USBStorageDriver.
    A deprecated NetworkUSBStorageDriver exists temporarily for compatibility

Known issues in 0.3.0

  • There are several reports of sshpass used within the SSHDriver not working
    in call cases or only on the first connection.
  • Some client commands return 0 even if the command failed.
  • Currently empty passwords are not well supported by the ShellDriver


16 Jan 15:50
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v0.3.0-rc1 Pre-release
Labgrid v0.3.0 release candidate 1


04 Jan 14:46
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11 May 19:45
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