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esben Add files to build Docker images
This includes Dockerfile for building the 3 basic Docker images needed run a
labgrid distributed infrastructure: labgrid-client, labgrid-exporter and

They do not come with configuration, so at least labgrid-exporter needs to be
configured in order to be usable.

They all 3 strives to follow the current installation instructions.

Signed-off-by: Esben Haabendal <esben@haabendal.dk>
Latest commit 66395cb Sep 26, 2018


Labgrid Docker images

This folder contains Dockerfile's for building Docker images for the 3 different components of a Labgrid distributed infrastructure.

  • labgrid-coordinator An image for with crossbar which can be used to run a Labgrid coordinator instance.
  • labgrid-client An image with the Labgrid client tools and pytest integration.
  • labgrid-exporter An image with the Labgrid exporter tools.


To build one of the above images, you need to run the docker build command in the root of this repository. Example showing how to build labgrid-client image:

$ docker build -t labgrid-client -f docker/client/Dockerfile .

You can also choose to build all 3 images, with the included script (which also must be run from the root of this repository):

$ ./docker/build.sh


All 3 images are to be considered base images with the required software installed. No policy or configuration is done.

labgrid-coordinator usage

The labgrid-coordinator comes with a preconfigured Crossbar.io server.

It listens to port 20408, so you probably want to publish that so you can talk to the coordinator.

State is written to /opt/crossbar. You might want to bind a volume to that so you can restart the service without loosing state.

$ docker run -t -p 20408:20408 -v $HOME/crossbar:/opt/crossbar

labgrid-client usage

The labgrid-client image can be used to run labgrid-client and pytest commands. For example listing available places registered at coordinator at ws://

$ docker run -e LG_CROSSBAR=ws:// labgrid-client \
    labgrid-client places

Or running all pytest/labgrid tests at current directory:

$ docker run -e LG_CROSSBAR=ws:// labgrid-client \

labgrid-exporter usage

The labgrid-exporter image runs a labgrid-exporter and optionally an ser2net service.

Configuration is not included, but needs to be bind mounted to /opt/conf/exporter.yaml and /opt/conf/ser2net.conf (optional).

Start it with something like:

$ docker run -e LG_CROSSBAR=ws:// \
    -v $HOME/exporter-conf:/opt/conf \

If using ser2net, the devices needed must be added to Docker container (docker run --device option).