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Backend.AI is a streamlined backend API server that hosts heterogeneous programming languages and popular AI frameworks. It manages the underlying computing resources for multi-tenant computation sessions where such sessions are spawned and executed instantly on demand.

Server-side Components

If you want to run a Backend.AI cluster on your own, you need to install and configure the following server-side components. All server-side components are licensed under LGPLv3 to promote non-proprietary open innovation in the open-source community.

There is no obligation to open your service/system codes if you just run the server-side components as-is (e.g., just run as daemons or import the components without modification in your codes). Please contact us (contact-at-lablup-com) for commercial consulting and more licensing details/options about individual use-cases.

For details about server installation and configuration, please visit our documentation.

Manager with API Gateway

It routes external API requests from front-end services to individual agents. It also monitors and scales the cluster of multiple agents (a few tens to hundreds).

Agent and its plugins

It manages individual server instances and launches/destroys Docker containers where REPL daemons (kernels) run. Each agent on a new EC2 instance self-registers itself to the instance registry via heartbeats.


A set of small ZeroMQ-based REPL daemons in various programming languages and configurations.


A programmable sandbox implemented using ptrace-based sytem call filtering written in Go.


A set of libc overrides for resource control and web-based interactive stdin (paired with agents).


A collection of utility modules commonly shared throughout Backend.AI projects.

Client-side Components

Client SDK Libraries

We offer client SDKs in popular programming languages. These SDKs are freely available with MIT License to ease integration with both commercial and non-commercial software products and services.


The front-end support libraries to handle multi-media outputs (e.g., SVG plots, animated vector graphics)

  • The Python package (lablup) is installed inside kernel containers.
  • To interpret and display media generated by the Python package, you need to load the Javascript part in the front-end.

Integrations with IDEs and Editors