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Google Sheet - Digest of Unsubscribed Emails

Unsubscribe from Bulk Emails in Gmail

Gmail Unsubscribe is an open-source Google Script to help you easily unsubscribe your email address from unwanted newsletters and other bulk emails in Gmail. Follow this step-by-step guide for configuration.

Email Studio for Gmail is a suite of tools that help you do more with Gmail. It includes Mail Merge, Email Scheduler, Unsubscriber, Email Purge and more. Alternative, a free online web app, also lets you unsubscribe from junk emails in Gmail with one click. The Unsubscriber Google Script is open source and, unlike, it neither collects any of your email messages nor does it sell your data to Uber.

Gmail Addons with Google Script

The Gmail Unsubscriber script is developed by Digital Inspiration, the best source for Google Addons for Gmail, Google Drive and G Suite.

  1. Document Studio - Generate merged PDF documents from Google Sheets and Google Forms
  2. Gmail Merge Merge - Send personalized emails in Gmail and Google Inbox
  3. Gmail Backup - Download and automatically backup your Gmail messages and attachments to Google Drive.

Gmail Unsubscribe Author

Written by Amit Agarwal. I am Google Developers Expert for Google Workspace and Google Apps Script. Follow me on @twitter.