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While design projects are not the typical project collaborated upon on the Github platform, much of our work can benefit from Github's structure and flow. If you are new to Github, please refer to this documentation to learn more:

Viewing and Printing

The Guides at the top level of this repo are best for viewing in spreads. The Guides in the file labeled "Guides-to-print" are best for at-home printing.

Digital Versions

Digital versions of the Design Phase Guides are in beta.

  1. HCD Design Phase Concept Guide:
  2. HCD Design Phase Operations Guide:

Updates / Revisions Requests

Please use GitHub's Issues tab to request changes as large as a suggested chapter addition or as small as a typo. These updates will be gathered and reviewed for future editions of the Guides. Please be as brief and clear as possible with your requests. While not all parts of this Code for America documentation on how to write a good issue are pertinent to the revision of a design project, it provides a good starting point: You can even use this template, to make it easier:

Issues will be reviewed, but the authors and editors do not guarantee that the request will be integrated into future versions.

Please contact for more information on this work.

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