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RDFShape Help

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RDFShape is an online tool that can be used for RDF Data validation and conversion.



If "No Schema" option is selected, RDFShape can act as a simple online RDF validator with the custom options:

  • By URI: Accepts an URI as input
  • By File upload: Accepts an file as input
  • By Input: Accepts a textarea as input

Data + Schema

If "Schema" option is selected, then RDFShape validates both the syntax and the shape of RDF graphs.

The Schema can be selected by URI, by File or by input.

Once the validation has proceed, the system can generate a permalink with the result.

As an example, the permalink for the Issues example is here

Data + Schema + Node

In this option, the system asks for a node in the RDF Graph that will act as the pointed node in the graph to start the validation process

Data Conversions

This option allows to convert between different RDF formats.

The available formats are: Turtle, RDF/XML, RDF/JSON and N-Triples

Schema Conversions

This option can be used to convert different representations of schema data.

The available formats are: ShExC (Shape expression compact syntax), and the RDF formats (Turtle, RDF/XML, RDF/JSON, N-TRIPLES, etc.)

Further info

More examples about ShEx can be found here

RDFShape is based on SHaclEX, a Shape Expressions processor which can also be used as a command line tool.

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