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Debian image with YunoHost for olinuxino boards (scripts)
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How to Build

This README describes how we currently build the Internet Cube images.

Since January 2019, we do not build the InternetCube images anymore. We simply use YunoHost images to which we add InternetCube specific scripts for automatic configuration.

The images are currently based on Armbian Stretch.

For previous build scripts, refer to the git history of this repo.

Supported Devices

For now, we support only 2 boards: Olimex LIME and Olimex LIME2.

Encrypted images are not supported at the moment.

Configure a YunoHost Image

bash <yunohostimagefile.img>


bash yunohost-stretch-3.4.2-lime2-stable.img

This will create named under the same directory as the source images:


Respecting the format of the filenames is important to ensure the compatibility with For generating (optional) GPG signatures, please ask on the La Brique Internet's mailing list.

Installing the New Images

Now you can follow tutorials to install a new Internet Cube.

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