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Communication kit for the internet cube

We made this list during the Esperanzah Festival with Neutrinet's members.

  • Stickers
  • Little goodies
    • Badges
    • capsules
    • wood chip
    • Pendant
  • Posters for the stand
  • Placards
    • Share Box
    • Netneutrality
  • A transportable tables with a human height
    • Telescopic tripod
  • Funny mail address to distribute
  • Origami paper cube
    • Internet citizen
  • Paper with the URL of the share box
    • Screen who difuse the picture who are share in the box
  • Tails key for sale
  • Poster who present diagram for understand who the internet cube do.
  • Diagram or map concern the FFDN
  • Placards with stickers to see how I use internet and/or the centralisation of our utilisation
  • Chair like bike saddle (the dream of Kload :-) )
  • pin's with funny domain name