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genomics variation viewer
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cutevariant is a light standalone viewer of genetic variation written in Python for Qt. It allows you to view and filter VCF and other format files.

Cutevariant example


pip install cutevariant # install
cutevariant             # run

Installation on Windows

Pyside2 is not currently (2019 May) functional on Cygwin, so Cutevariant will not work on Cygwin.

  • Install Python3.6+
  • Install like the previous chapter said.
  • Add the path of python scripts executables to your PATH variable; Something like:


Two executables are generated in this directory:

- cutevariant_win_dbg.exe: Open a console in background to see debugging messages.

Note: Qt libs seems to have a very high loglevel and such a verbosity could make the program unusable.

- cutevariant.exe: Standard executable.

Developement in progress

Complete rewriting from Cpp to Python.

To get tests running

git clone
cd cutevariant
virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv
source ven/bin/activate
make install_deps # install
make run     # start application
make test    # start tests

Development & release cycle

Use zest.releaser to handle the version and distribution through pypi.

pip install zest.releaser[recommended]

To yield a new release, use:


Development on Windows (good luck)

  • Install Python3.6+

  • Install git

  • Install make (optional)

    pip install wheel git clone git fetch git checkout dev # or devel make install # or pip install --user -e .[dev]

Executable files are located here:

  • Executable path: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python37\Scripts\cutevariant.exe

Build standalone program/archive/blob[add synonyms here] on Windows using cx_freeze

Strongly discouraged: You will generate an archive of 350Mo just for a program of less than 900Ko (including 550Ko of fonts and icons).

Install cx_freeze:

pip install cx_freeze

Build a blob:

make build_windows_blob

Your blob is in ./build/ directory.

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